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Dog and Puppy Training Pads


The Blovint Puppy Training Pads are a good choice to use at home or on the go. This pads are perfect for training and housebreaking your dog, with a built in attractant that encourages them to begin using their pads as quickly as possible. This pack of 100 regular size pads comes each with plastic backing. These pee pads are excellent at catching leaks. They are fitted with a special microfiber pad that soaks up liquid instantly. 

keep your floors clean and dry while giving your dog a little extra freedom.

The waterproof backing prevents moisture from seeping through onto furniture or floors. When it's time to replace them, simply throw them out with regular garbage. For easy training of puppies, these Blovint Puppy Training Pads are a must-have! Designed with super-absorbent polymer, these pee pads quickly trap and lock in liquid to prevent it from leaking onto floors or carpets while they soak the urine away.

Blovint Puppy Training Pads are a great solution for housebreaking puppies. These standard absorbency pads help keep your pup safe and clean as he/she learns to be housebroken. These training pads are super soft, easy to use and comfortable for your pet. 

Blovint Training Pads are designed for the full time housebreaking process or for those times when your pet is extremely young, old or ill and cannot get outside on his/her own. Blovint Puppy Training Pads are your pet’s new best friend. They are a convenient way to help keep your home clean, dry and free of odors. These dog training pads are also perfect for indoor use in places like homes with small children or elderly family members who don't have time to play with their dogs all day long.

Made from high quality super absorbent materials to keep your pet clean and comfy. 

The 5-layer construction provides added protection against leaks, while the super absorbent core turns liquid into gel on contact. Blovint Puppy Training Pads offer reliable, comfortable protection for puppies through their first year. The 5-layer construction plus super absorbent core turns liquid into gel on contact, cushioning your pup and helping to keep messes to a minimum.
A waterproof backing prevents leaks while training your dog, and the fragrance-free design gives you peace of mind that your home is always clean. There is no need to change out the mattress pad often if you are using Blovint puppy training pads, as they lock in odor and moisture preventing it from spreading through an area or ruining furniture/tiles.

Blovint puppy training pads are the perfect training tool for puppies, seniors, and dogs with incontinence. Blovint puppy training pads are super absorbent, holding in accidents through multiple layers of soft, cushiony material. These pads provide an ideal surface for puppies to start learning the rules of pottying house trained. Blovint Puppy Training Pads is a great way to deal with accidents your puppy may have. 

With Blovint puppy training pads, you will never have to worry about your dog having an embarrassing accident on the floor again. Suitable for use with both indoor and outdoor dogs, these pads are ideal for puppies and older dogs who need assistance when potty-training or when the weather outdoors is not suitable. They come in a handy roll, making them easy to transport from the car to your home or apartment, ensuring that your pet is comfortable wherever it lands.
Puppy training pads are an inexpensive and convenient way of housetraining your new puppy. Blovint Puppy Training Pads can be used in any location and taken with you on vacation. Each pad measures 22 x 22 inches or 56 x 56 cm (L x W); centre pad measures 19 x 19 inches or 48 x 48 cm (L x W) with a 1.5-inch (4 cm) plastic border on all sides to help prevent overflow. The Blovint Puppy Training Pad's center pad is designed to hold more liquid, while the regular pads are designed to hold less.

Best Features of Dog and Puppy Training Pads offered by BLOVINT

  • Super absorbent.

  • Quick-dry surface.

  • Comfortable.

  • Great way to deal with accidents your puppy may have.

  • Multiple layers of soft, cushiony material. 

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