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Salt and Pepper Grinder


Bring the taste of the sea to your table with this stylish salt and pepper grinder set. With an innovative design and attractively shaped millstones, it will have a unique place on your table and make a great gift for friends and family. The Blovint Salt and Pepper Grinder allows you to grind salt, pepper and any other spices in seconds using the turn of a handle. 

Not only practical and convenient but also serves as a stylish addition to the kitchen. 

When it comes to making your food taste better, our Blovint Salt and Pepper Grinder Set is the perfect choice for all of your food-related needs. When you use this set, you'll enjoy a great experience every time you go to grind some salt or pepper. Elegant design and premium quality combine in this sophisticated salt and pepper grinder. The mill is classic yet modern and can be used for everything from your everyday table to celebrations or cooking experiments.
The Blovint Salt & Pepper Grinder brings the simple pleasures of an age-old tradition to the table in a modern and sleek design. With its easy-to-use twist dispenser, this set offers effortless control over the grind of both salt and pepper – just twist to dispense your perfect seasoning every time.

This Blovint salt and pepper grinder is durable and long lasting, with an easy-to-clean ceramic mechanism that allows you to use it time and time again. The ceramic grinder provides optimal grain size from very fine to very coarse. The stainless steel body includes a clear plastic windows that let you see how much salt and pepper is left in the grinder without opening it up, which means there will be no waste. The special shape of the grinder allows you to adjust the grain size from very fine to very coarse.

Developed with highest quality stainless steel it is robust and durable.

If you find yourself constantly forgetting to refill your grinder, Blovint combined the best features of ceramic and electric pepper mills. Featuring a high quality manual ceramic grinder with stainless steel wood handle, it grinds pepper, salt and spices in just seconds. With its sturdy design and practicality it comes as no surprise that this is a best seller. It is compact and easy to use, making it a must-have for every kitchen. Spice up your life with this unique and elegant ceramic spice grinder.
Designed to work as a pepper shaker and salt shaker, this product doubles as a chili grider, cloves grinder and all kinds of herb grinders. The Blovint Salt and Pepper Grinder is ideal for any kitchen or as a gift that will be cherished for years to come!
Add some spice to your kitchen with the Blovint Salt and Pepper Grinder. Perfect for ground pepper, peppercorn, salt and all kinds of spices, this ceramic grinder shaker is a perfect kitchen accessory. Whip up fresh herbs and spices with our convenient salt grinder. The ceramic design has a contemporary matte finish, so it seamlessly blends into any kitchen decor. This salt grinder makes an excellent gift for the foodie in your life!

Unleash the flavors of your cooking with this clever salt and pepper mill. The large glass spice compartment is easy to fill and the special aroma cap ensures long-lasting freshness, so you can stock up on your favorite spices without worrying they'll go stale. The bottom cap prevents annoying crumb residue on the table or counter, plus it's designed in such a way that it keeps all spices and salt from leaking out when you're not using it. Our Blovint Salt and Pepper Grinder features a large, easy-access glass spice compartment for premium freshness and flavor.
Ditch your old salt and pepper grinders and upgrade to the Blovint. The large glass spice compartment is easy to fill, and features a special aroma cap on top that helps keep ingredients fresh for longer. The bottom cap prevents annoying crumb residue on the table, ensuring that you're always ready for delicious meals. The Blovint Salt and Pepper Grinder is ideal for a variety of uses - from soups to salads, or just sprinkling on steaks. The Blovint Salt and Pepper Grinder is a high quality, beautiful grinder with a large glass compartment for easy refilling. The specially designed herb filter prevents the aroma from escaping and lasts for years, with no replacement necessary. This grinder comes in an elegant design that looks great on any table.

Best Features of Salt & Pepper Grinder offered by BLOVINT

  • Piece of 2 mill set.

  • Manual ceramic grinder.

  • Grinds from Coarse to Fine.

  • Easy to fill.

  • Work for all spices.

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